Daily Contest Sunday May 15

Today’s Theme: Children’s Health

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Although a good diet, time to play, and adequate sleep can go a long way to improve our children’s health, the colds and flus that circulate through school and daycare can be minimized with a few natural and safe immune boosting recommendations.

Naturopathic doctors are trained to diagnose and treat children’s health conditions by using scientifically proven naturopathic methodologies and remedies.

Read the full article, Immune Boosting Tips for Kids: http://avivaromm.com/natural-immune-boosting-tips-for-kids

Today’s Contest Question

Q: True or false? Probiotics have been found to decrease the occurrence of the common cold in infants.

Contest is Closed. A: True

Today’s Featured Doctor: Amy Florian, ND

Amy Florian_2Dec14

Hawthorn Naturopathic & Massage Therapy Clinic
458 Main St
Kentville, N.S. B4N 1K8
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Dr. Amy Florian is passionate about promoting health. As a naturopathic doctor (ND), rather than focusing on symptoms, she works to identify the underlying or ‘root’ cause of health issues so that patients can be treated effectively and get better more quickly. She loves to teach and empower her patients to live healthier lives. More about Dr. Amy Florian.