Dr. Glenna (Morris) Calder, ND

Dr. Glenna (Morris) Calder, ND

Beachstone Wellness
8523 Route 19
Port Hood, NS, B0E 2W0
(902) 787-3388 Phone
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Dr Glenna Calder is passionate about assisting her patients in finding health through Balance. Since graduation from naturopathic medical school she has taken extensive courses in Biological medicine, Naturopathic Endocrinology and Injection Therapy.

Dr. Calder has found that when the patient is actively involved in the treatment and takes responsibility for their health true healing occurs on many if not all levels. She focuses on patient empowerment through education both in her clinical practice and through public speaking. She takes a holistic perspective focusing on mind, body and soul. Dr. Calder treats all ages and conditions and is especially interested in perinatal health, fertility, pediatrics, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions, depression, anxiety, injury, women’s and men’s health. As a past marathoner and lifetime athlete she understands and enjoys treating athletes of all levels.

Dr. Calder focuses on building a strong foundation of health for her patients looking at gut health, inflammation, possible infections, stress, nutritional deficiencies and other imbalances that may occur throughout life causing symptoms and chronic illness.

Dr. Calder is the host of a monthly internet radio show called “ What’s your Prescription for Balance?” To listen to her past shows and for updates for her future shows go to www.drglennacalder.ca or her facebook page: www.facebook.com/DrGlennaCalderND?ref=hl.

Dr. Calder enjoys ultimate frisbee, yoga, running, spending time creating in the kitchen and most of all spending time with her husband, Jason and their 2 young children, Isabel and Luke.