Daily Contest Tuesday May 15

Daily Contest Tuesday May 15

Today’s Theme: Mental Health

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Anxiety and depression are  the most common mental disorder in Canada, but did you know that there are many possible causes for anxiety? Some less commonly known causes can include vitamin and mineral deficiencies (which can be induced by stress, lifestyle and certain medications), hormonal imbalance, food intolerances, poor digestive function, imbalanced intestinal bacteria,  blood sugar fluctuations, as well as the expression of certain genes.

When you see a Naturopathic Doctor, we assess all the mental, emotional, physical and lifestyle factors that can affect your health. We make sure blood work and lab tests reflect optimal levels of nutrients and physiological function based on the latest research and our clinical expertise. We look to correct these causative factors so that you can gain control of your life and be free of anxiety and depression.

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Today’s Featured Doctor: Karen Frackowiak ND

Dr. Karen Frackowiack ND

Symmetry Wellness Centre
71 Ilsley Ave, Unit 9

Dr. Karen works out of Symmetry Wellness Centre in Burnside and Bespoke Clinic in Halifax. She treats all ages, for an array of health concerns. By building a detailed picture of your lifestyle, your health history and your current health concerns, she will help craft an individualized treatment plan to bring about lasting positive change in all aspects of your life: physical, psychological and spiritual. More about Dr. Karen.