Daily Contest Thursday May 12

Today’s Theme: Mental Health

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Individuals who practiced mindful meditation for 8 weeks physically changed their brain wiring and decreased the amount of neurons in an area associated with triggering fear.

Naturopathic doctors look at the whole patient; mind, body and spirit. Lifestyle suggestions along with diet changes and proper supplementation that is tailored to the individual are a part of a successful treatment protocol for optimal mood and well-being.

Read the full article, How Meditation Can Help Anxiety at http://www.chopra.com/ccl/how-meditation-can-help-anxiety

Today’s Contest Question

Q: True or False? Meditation can be effective as a treatment for anxiety.

Contest is Closed. A: True

Today’s Featured Doctor: Colin MacLeod, ND

Dr. Colin MacLeod ND Upper Tantallon

Dr. John Waters Medical Centre
30 Reynolds St.
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(902) 227-5266 Phone
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Dr. MacLeod’s practice consists of a diversity of patients and health conditions but with a focus on pain management, injury recovery, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, fatigue and cancer. Dr. MacLeod has a passion for continually advancing his clinical skills through continuing education courses and additional training. More about Dr. Colin MacLeod.