Daily Contest Saturday May 22

Daily Contest Saturday May 22

Today’s Theme: Hormone Health

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PCOS is defined as a group of symptoms that happen when ovulation doesn’t occur each month due to high levels of androgens (or male hormones, like testosterone).

The main symptoms associated with PCOS are irregular periods, excessive facial and body hair, acne, hair loss, weight gain and infertility.

PCOS can also increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease (due to poor blood sugar control and insulin resistance).

For a proper diagnosis of PCOS, you must have all three of the following:
Irregular periods and/ OR polycystic ovaries on ultrasound.
High androgens on a blood test OR symptoms of high androgens (such as excessive facial or body hair).
Other reasons for high androgens have been ruled out.

As you can see, PCOS is much more than just having an irregular period. It is a complex, whole-body hormonal condition that needs a whole-body treatment approach.

Today’s Contest Question*

True or false:

I was told I do not have polycystic ovaries on my ultrasound, so I must not have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Today’s Featured Doctor: Amy Punké, ND

Dr. Amy Punké, Naturopathic Doctor Inc.
106 Stellarton Rd.
New Glasgow, NS, B2H 1L8
(902) 755-1210 Phone
(902) 755-6688 Fax

Hello! My name is Dr. Amy Punké (rhymes with funky).

We all have a story, and I want to hear yours!

My journey to naturopathic medicine started almost 20 years ago when I started studying Health Sciences in Respiratory Therapy at Dalhousie University. The education, experience and skills I developed working in acute care (both in Halifax and Phoenix) were invaluable to the practitioner I am today.

I am passionate about empowering people to take back their health. Unfortunately, with the growing ‘wellness industry’, we are often made to feel that health and wellness are only attainable to those who can afford it– eating only organic food, buying expensive supplements and running pricey lab tests.

While these methods may be useful, to me, health and healing is really all about our connection to ourselves and to our community. And we all have access to this. 

I truly believe in the healing power of nature and our body’s innate ability to heal, when given the chance– and that’s what naturopathic medicine is all about!

When I’m not in my clinic, I can usually be found somewhere outside– hiking and exploring my beautiful province with my rescue-adventure-husky, Louie.

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