Daily Contest Saturday May 21

Daily Contest Saturday May 21

Today’s Theme: Sleep Support

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Melatonin is a sleep hormone that supports the natural sleep- wake cycle and can assist individuals with delayed sleep onset, jet lag and insomnia.

Levels of melatonin in our body are highest at night and peak around 2-4 am and gradually fall during the second half of the night.

Today’s Contest Question*

​​True or False: Melatonin is a supplement that we get dependent on, after only a few weeks of use. Additionally, we should wean off slowly in order to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms.

Today’s Featured Doctor: Glenna Calder, ND

Dr. Glenna Calder, Naturopathic Doctor Inc.

Beachstone Wellness
8523 Route 19
Port Hood, NS, B0E 2W0
(902) 787-3388 Phone
(902) 787-3383 Fax
glenna calder

Dr. Glenna practices and lives In Port Hood, along the beautiful West Coast of Cape Breton Island.

She focuses on women’s health, gut health, and hormone health to assist women in reaching their best health and live well.

In between cheering on her three young children in their various activities she can be found running the trails or curled up with a good book.

Dr. Glenna is available for virtual and phone appointments and can be found at http://www.drglennacalder.com

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