Daily Contest Monday May 8

Daily Contest Monday May 8

Today’s Theme: Digestive Health

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Good digestion is essential for good health. Naturopathic doctors assess the entire digestive tract and every aspect of diet—including timing of meals, pace of eating, cravings—when assessing and creating a treatment plan to improve overall digestive health.

There are many simple ways to improve digestive capacity. One simple way is to begin meals with some “bitters”. Digestive bitters are herbs that are very bitter in taste and stimulate the flow of digestive enzymes and bile. You can consume bitters by starting your evening meal with a leafy green salad, or by taking an herbal tincture made of bitter herbs. Another way to improve digestion is to ingest probiotics.

Learn more about digestion. probiotics, and bitters in this comprehensive article, and by talking to your naturopathic doctorhttp://ndnr.com/gastrointestinal/applying-traditional-dietary-principles-to-heal-modern-digestive-distress/

Today’s Contest Question

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Q: True or false: the only way to increase your intestinal tract’s ratio of probiotics (good bacteria) to bad bacteria is to take capsules of probiotics?

A: False. Some foods contain probiotics such as sauerkraut and kimchi.

Today’s Featured Doctor: Amy Florian, ND

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Dr. Amy Florian is passionate about promoting health. As a naturopathic doctor (ND), rather than focusing on symptoms, she works to identify the underlying or ‘root’ cause of health issues so that patients can be treated effectively and get better more quickly. She loves to teach and empower her patients to live healthier lives. More about Dr. Amy Florian.