Daily Contest Friday May 19

Daily Contest Friday May 19

Today’s Theme: Mental Health

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Today’s Contest Question*

Irritable bowel syndrome is a collection of gastrointestinal symptoms that often includes abdominal pain, bloating and change in the frequency or form of bowel habits.

In Canada we have some of the highest rates of IBS when compared to other countries around the world. 

A diagnosis of IBS is based on symptoms and ruling out other conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease, as there are currently no definitive diagnostic tests for IBS. 

True or false:

​​Getting annual blood work investigating general markers of health can be an important tool for supporting our mental health.


Today’s Featured Doctor: Tara Lantz, ND

Dr. Tara Lantz, Naturopathic Doctor
Brickyard Health
2111 Maitland Street, Suite 100
Halifax, NS B3K 2Z8
902-406-2006 Phone

Dr. Lantz’s naturopathic practice focuses on a functional medicine approach to health by investigating and addressing the root cause of health concerns, while incorporating lifestyle changes and integrative, holistic therapies to provide a framework for health and disease prevention. Clinically, she provides preventative medicine through a thorough blood work evaluation, while working to optimize sleep, energy levels, stress response, and mental well-being. She loves extending her area of care into education, counselling, and coaching.

Dr. Lantz’s clinical focus includes mental health, anxiety, stress/burnout, insomnia and sleep concerns, digestive and hormonal health, as well as hands on bodywork for conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia, post-concussion syndrome, headaches, and other physical and stress-related health concerns.

Dr. Lantz practices at Brickyard Health in Halifax and provides virtual/telemedicine appointments to patients throughout Nova Scotia

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