Daily Contest Monday May 14

Daily Contest Monday May 14

Today’s Theme: Digestive Health

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Good digestion is essential for good health. Naturopathic doctors assess the entire digestive tract and every aspect of diet—including timing of meals, pace of eating, cravings—when assessing and creating a treatment plan to improve overall digestive health.

There are many simple ways to improve digestive capacity. One simple way is to begin meals with some “bitters”. Digestive bitters are herbs that are very bitter in taste and stimulate the flow of digestive enzymes and bile. You can consume bitters by starting your evening meal with a leafy green salad, or by taking an herbal tincture made of bitter herbs. Another way to improve digestion is to ingest probiotics as either a supplement or as fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, and/or kombucha.

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Today’s Featured Doctor: Tara Lapointe ND

Dr. Tara Lapointe ND

Dartmouth Naturopathic Health Centre
228 Pleasant St

In Dr. Lapointe’s general practice, she focus’s on helping others achieve optimal physical, mental and emotional health and well being. She strives to educate patients, creating awareness, the ultimate first step to change. Her goal is to support patients through their own personal health journey at their comfort level, whether it be for prevention, acute illness or chronic disease. More about Dr. LaPointe.