Daily Contest Friday May 18

Daily Contest Friday May 18

Today’s Theme: Pain Management

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Pain is a way our body communicates to us to let us know something is wrong. It is important to find and treat the cause of the pain, rather than focusing on a way to relieve the pain, as a way to correct the problem. When we ignore the pain and keep on with our regular activity, we can make the injury, inflammation, or disease process worse. Naturopathic doctors have experience finding and treating the root cause cause of pain.

We treat everything from fibromyalgia, migraines, to injuries physical strains and sprains!

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Today’s Featured Doctor: Ben Connolly ND

Dr. Ben Connlly ND

Cornerstone Naturopathic
14 Old School Rd.
Upper Tantallon, NS

Ben Connolly, N.D., is the owner of Cornerstone Naturopathic in partnership with his wife Julie, a health clinic specializing in the promotion of healthy living and preventative medicine.

He subscribes to practices that promote living well and living long, and has spent that last three years refining his vision of a Naturopathic Health Centre positioned to offer high quality health care to each and every patient. The culmination of that vision is Cornerstone Naturopathic. More about Dr. Connolly.