Daily Contest Friday May 13

Today’s Theme: Environmental Health

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BPA is a synthetic estrogen that disrupts our hormone system. It is a chemical of concern as it’s been linked to such ailments as infertility, cancer, obesity, diabetes and behavioural changes in children.

Naturopathic doctors assess environmental stress and its impact on patients’ health. Comprehensive treatment plans to decrease exposure and increase detoxification of dangerous chemicals address many of the ailments linked to BPA and other toxic chemicals.

Read the full article, The Environmental Working Group’s Guide to BPA at http://www.ewg.org/bpa/

Today’s Contest Question

Q: BPA, a common chemical found in plastic bottles and tin can lining, is known to disrupt hormones in the human body.

Contest is Closed. A: True

Today’s Featured Doctor: Robin Roeslen, ND

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Dr. Roeslen has an honours degree in biochemistry with research focusing on ecological genetics. She has been a fully licensed and practicing ND since 2011. Throughout her time in practice she has developed a practical background in pain management, as well as special training in HIV/AIDs care, pregnancy, paediatrics & geriatrics. More about Dr. Roeslen.